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Favorite Products

grommet top drapery 2.jpeg

Grommet Top Drapery

inverted pleat drapery panels 2.jpeg

Inverted Pleat Drapery Panels

ripplefold drapery.jpeg

Ripplefold Drapery

A nice simple look with a beautiful grommet detail at the top. There are many finishes to choose from. The top has a nice straight look and can slide easily on the drapery hardware to open and close.

The best drapery style for traversing capabilities. It looks very updated in any room. Can be mounted close to the ceiling to get the full window view. Nice clean straight line across the top to give a modern look. 

This option looks nice for a stationary panel and makes the fabric fall nicely. It moves easily on a traverse rod. They can either look elegant or simple depending on the fabric choice and choice of hardware.

cellular shades.jpeg

Cellular Shades

These shades are great if you want to see a difference in your energy bill. The soft shade has a honeycomb shaped cell design that traps air for maximum insulation. If you order black out shades, you will get a great nights sleep! These have minimum light bleeding on the sides and a small stack at the top when closed. 

solar shades 2.jpeg

Solar Shades

These shades will make a statement in your home that is fashionable and modern.  This product can minimize glare and still allow a view through the product.  Choose from different swatches depending on your opacity needs.  They also protect your furniture from UV rays and reduce the sun’s heat.  A beautiful choice that would go well with an industrial-feel home. 

natural shades.jpeg

Natural Shades

This product is unique by nature and beautiful by design. They can add a texture to any room and provide a natural feel - sophisticated with an earthy element. Plus, there are plenty of interesting swatches to pick from - they can look very casual or elegant depending on your personal preference. 

sheer blinds 2.jpeg

Sheer Blinds

These are ideal for customers who want to cover their window while maintaining their view ---- or for those who need to block an unwanted view while still letting light inside. They gently filter light for an airy, luxurious look. When closed, the blind disappears into the headrail, leaving the full window view. When tilted, the customer can see outside and enjoy the view while still enjoying privacy!

sheer blinds 5.jpeg
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